Friday, August 1, 2008

This week I completed the combat turn. This means that TaE is now fully playable from start to finish. All the features that were originally planned at the beginning of the summer are now implemented.

Here is an overview of my commits for this week: I completed the final cleanup for external combat which removes all the losing combatants and awards points to the winner. I added a function to look over the regions after all the losing combatants have been removed and make sure that it is still a region. If it is not still one region, the function rebuilds it into multiple regions. I added code to check for any more instances of combat after the current combat is resolved. Finally, I added the code executed when a game ending condition is reached. It tallies the points and announces the winner to all the players.

Later today (hopefully) (UPDATE: The combat overview is up! you can see it here) I will be adding a writeup explaining exactly how combat works in the game. It will be done in the same style as the "Tour of TaE" post.

Next week I plan to work on testing and documentation. My goal is to make sure there aren't any lingering bugs in the game and to make the documentation good enough so that anyone who can install TP can play TaE.


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