Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This weekend, my TP work has mostly been getting things set up for this summer and getting a grasp on the framework as a whole:

  • I've got a clean Ubuntu build on my laptop (Hardy Heron is excellent btw).
  • As far as I know, I have git up and running pointing to my branch of the tpserver-cpp project.
  • I compiled a basic tpserver-cpp and started up a local game of minisec just to make sure everything was running smoothly on my side.
  • I've been reading through llnz's Ruleset Development Book.
  • I've also just been poking around in the code, trying to get a feel for how everything works.
Things to do next:
  • Setup a basic buildable ruleset to work off of as outlined in the ruleset book.
  • Start developing a document (possibly on the TP wiki) for the TaE rules which I can modify as the project progresses.
  • As I get more familiar with the code, work on developing solutions for some of the obvious obsticles I'm going to face in this project such as:
    • Non-simultaneous turns. What is the best way to accomplish this? Do I need to compromise the TaE rules to make it work?

    • Conflict phase. What's the best way to implement a "phase" which only occurs in special circumstances? Should this be a separate phase of turns or should this be handled as a part of the current turn cycle?

    • Layout of the universe and interconnected solar systems. How do I represent connectivity of neighboring systems in order to calculated "regions" of controlled space? This seems similar to the graph issue jphr is contemplating in his Risk implementation.

So that is what's on my plate right now. I'll post more updates as they come.


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