Friday, May 30, 2008

Accomplishments for this week:

  • Created the following objects:
    • Universe. Generic universe container.
    • Pulled emptyobject, ownedobject, and spaceobject from minisec.
    • Star System. Added a couple parameters (destroyed, inhabitable) which I may or may not use for future game logic.
    • Planet.
  • Implemented the following resources:
    • Uninhabitable. Used to mark planets which can only be colonized by mining robots.
    • Destroyed. Used to mark destroyed planets.
    • Alien Artifact. Special artifact resource gathered by merchants
    • Technology. Generated by scientist colonies.
    • People. Generated by settler colonies.
    • Money. Generated by merchant colonies.
    • Raw Materials. Generated by mining colonies.
  • Added code to generate the systems and planets to form the game board. The board is laid out as a rectangular grid of solar systems, each with one planet.
  • Put some thought into simultaneous turns (see post below)
  • Got all the above code working and testable in tpclient-pywx

For next week:

I would like to continue to build all the objects I need. So for next week my main goal will be to create a fleet object and all the ships that I need (4 leader ship types, 4 colonist ship types, 1 weapon ship type).

I'm not sure how long that will take me, so if I have extra time here are the next goals I will work on: Giving the player the correct objects when the game starts. Start work on ship orders.


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