Friday, July 18, 2008

I started off this week by taking a look at the TaE wiki page. I wrote up a getting started guide for people who want to try out TaE. I'll be making improvements to both pages soon.

I then began planning everything out for the second half of the summer. I think the comparison photos between the actual board and it's implementation went well so I will continue to post those as the project continues. I will incorporate these photos into the wiki page and make sure that anyone who wants to play the game needs to only visit the wiki to get all the info they need.

For the combat phase here is what I have planned: I will use a multi-turn structure similar to RFTS. If combat is triggered, then a message will go out to all players and the next turn will be a "combat turn." The players who are involved in the combat will have the applicable orders enabled for their fleets, everyone else will not be able to perform orders until the combat is over. At the end of each combat turn, the board will be checked again to make sure that no further combat needs to occur and then the game will return to normal turns.

To do all of this I will create a function (maybe two: internal and exteral combat) within taeturn which takes the combatants as input and then handles switching the orders on all the fleets and continuing with the combat turn. This function will be called from the move or colonize order after gathering the combatants. I implemented the code to find the combatants this week. I also went ahead added some code to the fleet object which lets them keep two sets of allowed orders, combat and normal. This lets me set up the orders at the beginning of the game and all taeturn has to do is tell the fleet to switch orders.

Next week I am going to be working hard on implementing the combat turn and I'll hopefully have a first fully playable version of the game ready by next weekend!


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