Friday, July 4, 2008

This week I got the turn structure finalized by processing orders one player at a time and rotating that order each turn. You can read more about my reasoning to do this in this blog post. I also fixed a couple bugs which arose from processing orders in this way.

Each player should have 6 colonist ships at the beginning of each turn. I implemented the code to replenish these ships as they are used. While doing this I also moved the fleet creation code into its own class. This helped to make the code more readable, easier to modify and easier to extend.

I have almost everything done for the midterm. I would like to add a message when the game over conditions are reached. I would also like to create a better default map for the game. I should have this done early next week. In addition to this I will be finishing anything else that crops up and submitting my midterm evaluation.


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