Friday, June 20, 2008

This week I did a lot of small behind the scenes stuff which helped to develop the rules for the game, but they didn't make much of an observable difference to the player.

I introduced a layer of inheritance to the fleet orders since they all needed to check for the same conditions before for they performed the order. Namely, they need to check to make sure the system is not colonized, is not occupied by a leader, and is not destroyed. I added a check to make sure that each system only accepts one order per player per turn. I also made sure mining ships can only colonize uninhabitable planets and all other ships can never colonize uninhabitable planets.

The biggest change I made this week was introducing a region detection system. A region in this game is a group of colonized or occupied systems which are connected adjacently to each other. This information is used to determine which player gets the points for colonizing a system, when to initiate combat, and the resolution of combat.

The week went well, and I feel like got a good amount of solid code done. The region detection is going to help a lot in the next couple weeks as it forms the foundation for most of the rules. I also laid out the goals for midterm which will help guide me as the midterm approaches.

For next week: I will focus on finishing the non-combat orders. I will use the region detection system I implemented this week to implement scoring.


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