Friday, June 13, 2008

This week I began work on orders and the turn sequence. I developed a very simple turn sequence to simply perform the orders in the order queue. This was mostly to test out the orders. I implemented the first version of three orders:

  • The colonize order can be issued by any colonist type ship (merchants, scientists, settlers, mining robots). It consumes the ship/fleet and generates a resource which corresponds to the passengers the ship was carrying.
  • The move order can be issued by any colonist leader. It moves the leader to the specified system and puts the leader's fleet in orbit.
  • The attack order can be issued by a bomber. This order consumes the bomber's fleet. It adds the destroyed resource to the specified system and sets the destroyed flag in the system.
In addition to the orders and the turn sequence, I added a good bit of supporting code to generate starting fleets, planets, star systems, etc (See: 1, 2, 3). This extra code allowed me to fully test the orders.

I also merged my tae branch with the master tpserver-cpp branch which was a little tricky to do in cogito, but I think I managed to do it properly.

Overall the week went quite smoothly. No significant bugs or obstacles.

For next week: The orders I've implemented right now are not restricted at all, so I need to add some restrictions to prevent illegal moves. To do this I'm going to need to begin implementing the code to detect regions of colonized space. I also need to nail down what I want to have complete by the midterm as it is fast approaching.


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